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Association of Buthanese in America
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ABA Appoints a New Executive Director

Coinciding with its 7th Annual Convention concluded on July 6th 2014, held at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Association of Bhutanese in America, appointed Mr. Kishore Pradhan as its new Executive Director. Mr. Pradhan replaces Mr. Aaron Acharya, who served as ABA’s executive director since its inception in 2007.
Mr. Pradhan has formally taken the charge of ABA’s Executive Director with effect from July, 4th 2014. Mr. Pradhan brings with him a wealth of organizational and leadership experience.
An information Technology specialist by profession, Mr. Pradhan is currently working for Highark Inc. as a Testing and Data Analyst. Prior to that he was working for Coventry Healthcare in the capacity of a senior Software Tester.
Mr Pradhan has a long experience of serving the Bhutanese Community. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Bhutanese Community Association of Pittsburgh (BCAP) from 2012 to 2014. He has also served as a Board Member of Association of Bhutanese in America (ABA) since its inception in 2007 to 2009 and again from 2013 till date. Besides working in these formal capacities, he has actively served the Bhutanese community at Pittsburgh as a community volunteer since the arrival of the first Bhutanese families in 2008.


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Letter from the Governor


I commended these associations for their commitment to improving the well-being of Bhutanese-Americans by representing their interests and promoting Bhutanese history and culture... Tim Corbett

Governor of Pennsylvania

Dr. N. Nina Ahmad

Dr.N.Nina Ahmad

‘We are celebrating US Independence Day and the 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act both of which speak to the rights of US citizens to practice their religion and culture freely....

Dr.N.Nina Ahmad

Commissioner, President’s Commission for White House Initiative for Asian American and Pacific Islander.

Fernando Trevino- Martinez

Fernando Trevino- Martinez
Presence of culturally rich, peace loving and laborious people from Bhutan has added yet another kind of beautiful flower in the garden of this diverse city.

Fernando Trevino-Martinez

Deputy Executive Director, Mayor’s Office of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs, Philadelphia,PA